Healed Individuals =

Healed Institutions



 Lead, Love, Learn, and Listen from a Place of Healing


The DIY Equity Audit

I'd like to apologize to you. On behalf of every diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging trainer that has made this work seem super complicated...I'm sorry. You do not need an advanced degree and 10 years of training to do this work. You know enough to start right now.  Every human deserves to be "seen" and "heard" by everybody, everyday. Period. 

We all just want to show up and be fully seen without having to feel like we have to hide pieces of ourselves. You have a responsibility to find a way to empower others in your role. Think about how amazing it would feel if everybody invested more energy into becoming who they were made to be, instead of being forced to be who other people think they should be. We'd be happier, healthier, and our organizations would thrive. Let's do an audit so you know your next steps.



What can you expect from the EduSigner Coaching System?

EduSigner is more than an educational design firm, it's a movement of changemakers committed to fostering healing while serving others...by any method doable. We believe that we can create change when people are willing to exchange stories as they fully "see" and "hear" one another. Our secret sauce includes providing you with a sustainable-transferable set of skills so you can transform your world.

No matter which service you choose, you can count on these three ingredients being in the mix:


A personal and professional audit to explore your needs.


Complete tasks to work toward your aspiration.

Accountability & Assessment

Assess your achievement.

Don't settle for surviving. Move toward success!

One Size Does Not Fit All

We Create Custom Training Options to Fit Your Needs


Here's How it Works:


Start with "who"

Think about your organization's mission, vision, and values. Who is your current model serving and who is being underserved? Whose voices need to be elevated? 

State your "what"

What are your goals? What resources do you have to reach those goals? What are your success indicators and how will you know you've arrived? 

Summarize your "why"

Why do you want to achieve those goals and what impact will it have on your organization? Why is now the right time? Why do you do what you do?

Schedule a free strategy session and share this info with me

We'll discuss the most efficient and effective ways for you to educate, engage, and empower your team to reach goals while meeting the needs of those you're serving.

(If you're stuck, skip to #4. You'll feel better after we talk.)



Transformations from the Strugglish Superhero Squad

Healing happens when we learn to "hear" and "see" one another.

High School Senior

"The relationship-building tools I’ve learned have shaped my life in more than one area. The communication skills have improved my relationship with my father who has terminal brain cancer. We used to not talk because he would shut me down. Now we have long in-depth meaningful conversations. I’ve regained my old dad."

Assistant Principal

"I learned so much about myself as a building leader and the way in which I speak to students and staff. The powerful, emotional, and invigorating conversations have been so impactful. My goal is to take this to another level in years to come."

Middle School Student

"I learned how to listen and connect with people. Before learning about this, I felt like I couldn’t truly connect and effectively listen to the people around me. These practices are so important for people to be able to understand each other. I’m so grateful to have been a part of this program."

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The Empowering Educator Experience

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Your Success is Worth the Sacrifice


Be Intentional About Your Healing

Invest in Yourself using our Free (E)tox Self-Assessment to:

  • determine which areas of life need attention
  • create a personal growth plan
  • commit to making progress

Struggle to become a better version of yourself, don't settle for average