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If You're Feeling Frustrated With "The System" You Are Not Alone


We all have things in our schools that bother us.

I would come up with an idea only to be shut down. I analyzed all the reasons I've been told "no" over the years:

  • Time - We don't have enough time to figure that out this year.
  • Team - We don't have the right people to solve the problem.
  • Training - We don't have the training necessary to move forward. 
  • Test - They wanted to see how bad I wanted it and if I could pull the idea off with limited resources. (This also meant I would be adding another project to my overcrowded list.)


Have you ever heard any of these excuses before?

Use Your Position to Help Others Heal

No More Waiting, Create Change Now

Reimagine Your Current Problem Solving Processes

Use a proven process based on design-thinking principles to work through any problem personally or professionally.

Respond and React Restoratively to Conflict

Most people don't like change - this creates tension. Restorative practices will help us respond empathetically.

Remix Your Current Reality while Leading Others

Elevate equity as you address those being underserved. Then, build a team of changemakers and get stuff done.

A leader created space for student voice...

Before learning this I sometimes had issues helping students feel heard. With the rising anxiety and mental health issues our kids are facing and bringing to school every day, it is so important now more than ever for our school to provide programs/structures for our students to feel heard, cared about and safe!

Middle School Principal


The Empowered Educator Experience 


The Empowered Educator Experience is a 6-week online learning experience for purpose-driven educators who want to play a part in changing their school's culture.

Creating an equitable environment that is responsive to students' needs could take a lifetime to figure out. We delay getting started and get stuck in "learning mode" because we don't think we know enough. The problem is...we never will. 

The Empowering Educator Experience gives you a student-centered system to follow so that you can fast-track your growth while getting more consistent results. One of my favorite sayings is, "As you do it, you'll learn it." You know enough to get started right now and along the way, you'll learn even more. We'll work with a small group first, then you'll build confidence to do the work with others.

Let's just start...and I'll show you how to make adjustments along the way so that you're guaranteed to meet your metrics. Your first module unlocks Monday, November 15th, 2021 and we meet together on Wednesdays.


Is The Empowered Educator Right For You?

The Empowered Educator Experience is for those educators that truly understand the potential they have to change lives. Still, they're tired of being disappointed or discouraged by all of the "red tape." 

Regardless of your position in the field of education, cycling through a change process, meeting the needs of those you're serving, de-escalation, and conflict resolution are skills you need to be successful.

  • Teachers or Professors

Our methods are being used on PK-12 and college/university campuses to meet the needs of students of all ages.

  • Administrators

Support your staff to increase spaces for student voice, choice, and agency by building their capacity for empowerment using our process.

  • Service Providers or Support Staff

Increase your reach so you can make a bigger impact by using your position to elevate those currently being underserved using the current methods.

Will You Help Change the System?

To change "the system," we have to change mindsets because people make up "the system."


The Empowered Educator Experience will take you out of your comfort zone. There's no one-size-fits-all answer to the questions we'll be asking.

Addressing student need and closing gaps will take curiosity, creativity, and courage. You will have to be relentless about continuing to pursue what's right for those you're serving despite any roadblocks along the way. 

The Empowered Educator Experience is for those who aren't afraid of hard work. They respect their craft because they know students are counting on them.

Top 4 Strategies We Use to Get Results

#1   Online Learning Combined With Offline Doing

We believe in "learning by doing" so we'll walk you through the exercises and send you off with specific instructions for your experiences.

Course materials are accessible in multiple formats and can be found within our online portal. Modules include lessons, workbooks, and experience data trackers/collection sheets.

#2   Using Data To Validate Your Effectiveness


You may be the best at what you do, but no one will take your word for it. When I wanted to go from teacher to administrator, I used data to demonstrate my ability to impact student learning. For example, a popular interview question is, "Can you please give an example of a challenge you had to overcome?" (Interview tip:  Tie every answer back to the job your want and with each question show another side of your skillset.)

My answer, "In my 7th grade ELA class students, the average reading level was about 4th grade with some students reading at the 2nd or 3rd-grade level. By the end of the school year, most of my students made 3 years of growth. The challenge was figuring out how to motivate and empower each of my students, but I took the time to build a relationship with each one of them while breaking down the strands to give them a personalized learning experience. In turn, they took ownership of their learning."

Let the numbers speak for themselves. If you're looking for career advancement, a promotion, or recognition within your field, you need to be able to produce results. The Empowered Educator is designed to have data as evidence of your effectiveness.

#3   Leadership Lessons To Expand Your Impact

Once you learn the mindset shifts and processes to figure out the root of the problem, you'll be able to see the possibilities. Through a series of reflective exercises and experiences, you'll "see" and "hear" others in a new way. We believe in a combined personal and professional development process so these lessons have the potential to change your life (just like they did mine). You'll be able to return to these processes again and again to transform any part of your world. 

#4   Connect with Colleagues During Community Coaching Time

Community Coaching is our time to continue capacity-building alongside one another as we connect using Zoom. This is our time to get feedback on the work that we're doing as we make adjustments to increase our effectiveness. These sessions are best when you can attend live with your camera on to discuss the topics in breakout rooms but they will also be recorded so you won't miss any of the content. Unless there is an overwhelming consensus to add a morning session or switch the time, these coaching sessions will take place on Wednesdays at 5:00 pm CST.

Here's What You'll Get In...

The Empowered Educator Experience


We'll focus on the essential elements of change management including:


(Phase One)

You’ll perform an audit around your personal and professional aspirations developing ideas for possible activities or actions that can be taken with your selected sample using your current resources.


(Phase Two)

After analyzing your results, you’ll automate an area so that it acts autonomously but within the arena of your aspiration. You'll switch and stretch your sample to include more people as we scale your success. 

Accountability & Assessment

(Phase Three)

Acknowledging the growth of those around you is crucial for creating cultural change. We’ll assess your achievement and celebrate all your wins. Then, we'll craft the narrative so you can share your successes.


Let's Take A Look Inside

The Empowered Educator Experience Workflow

There are six interactive Modules that focus on concrete capacity-building experiences to help you develop the skills necessary to become a leader that creates equitable spaces for others.




Sitting "With"

Solutions only work when you get feedback from those you're serving.

Complete equity interviews to make sure you have an understanding of the problem and potential pathways toward a solution. You will also:

  • Learn to extend empathy and the practice of sitting "with" people
  • Embrace feedback while doing active listening to uncover the values playing in the background
  • Choose which restorative, culturally responsive, or student-centered structures you'd like to design your shift around

You'll learn qualitative interviewing techniques that you can use to investigate a problem before trying to solve it.



Emotional exchanges are underrated and often underestimated but used effectively will create the buy-in you'll need to gain traction.

Define who you're trying to impact and perform your first mini-shift with your sample. You will also:

  • Approach your environment like a researcher and elect a sample that will serve as your priority group
  • Delve into discovering the emotions that exist in your environment
  • Determine what kind of exchanges happen between people and the type that would be most beneficial to shift

You'll design a plan of action that focuses on an emotional exchange as you do your first mini-shift to impact the culture & climate of an area in which you have direct influence.




Switch & Sample

The leaders we admire have a vision, calculate the risks, take decisive action, and make adjustments along the way. These skills will change the game.

Overcoming fear takes an enduring belief in your power to problem-solve. We'll discuss where to find answers to make the necessary adjustments so you meet your metrics. You will also:

  • Tackle the types of excuses your brain create so we can eliminate them and focus on execution
  • Evaluate your expectations and the idea of "should" to clear the mental clutter, so we're in the best position to problem-solve
  • Analyze the examples of "bright spots" will help us know if we're on track to accomplish our desired outcomes

You'll elevate your leadership mindsets and practices, so you'll be able to have the confidence to blaze a trail for others to follow.


Stretch & Sample

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are more than just buzz words.

Equity is something that we'll embed into the structure of our shift as we change a piece of "the system". You will also:

  • Navigate issues impacting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging and components of healthy organizations
  • Construct a sustainable shift that will be inclusive at its core
  • Brainstorm parts of the shift you can automate and embed into the structure of your environment

You'll figure out how your change can become part of the culture while adding diverse perspectives to expand your reach.




Strategically Scale

Seeing your change scale and take on a life of its own is one of the most satisfying experiences. The transformation stories you'll hear are priceless.

Adding team members will lighten the load as you serve a larger population. Moving into a facilitation role, you'll build capacity and empower others. You will also:

  • Extract emerging evidence based on behavioral breakthroughs 
  • Equip your ensemble as you transition from the sole "doer" to a "leader"
  • Experience what it feels like to be empowered to empower others as you elevate equity

You'll learn techniques to spread your shift organically and find uncommon leaders to empower as you scale your successes.


Sustaining Success

Change can be exciting and it creates a buzz. It's imperative to maintain your momentum while positioning yourself as a leader that loves sharing success.

What started as a grassroots change will become a machine with lots of moving parts. We'll discuss processes that will allow you to continue to assess your effectiveness. You will also:

  • Examine the structure of your shift and find research that confirms your findings.
  • Pursue excellence by finding places where you can improve or expand equitable spaces
  • Look at your environment for connections you can make as you reach out to stakeholders

You'll make tweaks to supercharge your success and solicit key stakeholders to spread your model to other spaces and places.

Bonuses Included Inside:

The Empowered Educator Experience

Conflict Resolution & Intro to Restorative Practices:  How to "Win" Any Argument

How awesome would it be if you viewed misunderstandings as a bridge to an even better relationship? We’re going to give you strategies and a map to follow to help direct your conversations whether or not the other person knows the 8 steps. You'll be able to effectively move through confrontation without having to regret it later!

(Value $347) Included

A Note From Your Coach


Let's face it, change is hard

“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability but comes through continuous struggle.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

As long as we have breath in our bodies, we have another chance to keep pushing and pursuing justice. We have to hold on to our hope and fight for what is right. It's much easier to do it when you have a recipe to follow. Don't let this moment pass you by, students are counting on you.

Enroll in The Empowered Educator Experience and come prepared to embrace imperfection as we create a plan to serve and empower others. See you soon.

Yours in the Struggle,


Dr. Ashley Smith


The Empowered Educator Experience Investment

Training Tuition


(Multiple payment plans available)

  • One payment, lifetime access
  • Weekly online community coaching to connect with colleagues
  • 6 modules in an online portal
  • Access to our course discussion group
  • A proven process to create change in your environment
  • Bonus Training:  How to "Win" Any Argument Course

We Got Your Back With Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee


The Empowered Educator has the power the change the way you see yourself and others. Complete the first 2 modules. If by 5 pm CST November 28, 2021, you don't think it's right for you, submit your completed workbook and experience sheet, and we'll issue you a full refund.

Check Out What Others Had to Say

An educator went after the position she wanted...

I wanted to say thank you for your leadership and guidance through the sessions. Because of the things that this group help me realize, I was able to fully articulate what I needed from my employer and worked with our school leadership to figure out a growth path for me. It's something I wanted for a long time, and the work I did in those sessions helped give me the push to ask for it and see it through. Thank you for that.

Assistant Director of Advancement

A student felt empowered after attending our training series...

I learned how to communicate effectively by watching my tone and being mindful of what my intentions are before having a discussion with someone. Also, how many different ways there are to tell someone how you feel and how impactful you can be in someone’s life. Before coming to [name of group] my communication and the way I would speak to my family was at fault. I didn’t understand how my tone was, and how I said things that were disrespectful to my family. Thank you for bringing me out of my comfort zone, and showing me ways to not just communicate with my peers, but also with adults.

High School Junior, Class of 2020

A staff member shifted their practices...

These relationships and the restorative mindset are the tools to ensure success for ALL students.

School Community Resource Specialist

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