Heal First, Then Help Others 


We spend so much time meeting the needs of other people that we often neglect self-care and inner wellness. Then we lose our edge--the thing that sets us apart from other people. Before you know it, we've become a watered-down version of who we were meant to be.

Let's figure out what areas need your attention so we can elevate your inner health as you empower others in your environment. 

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Your superhero story is still being written. What's your storyline?


Hi, I'm Ashley, and my superpower is seeing opportunities even in the midst of struggle. My alias is The Strugglish Superhero (based on my research). I am a consultant and coach who's all about creating spaces for equity and empowerment. You bring the passion, and I'll bring practices and processes to help you push past the problem to discover the possibilities. With our powers combined...


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Customized Coaching for Changemakers

You are not alone in the struggle.

Whether you are on campus, in a corporation, or a community member, we want to empower you as you empower others.


Cohort based or on-demand courses that give you the tools to create change with your team or in your environment using exposure, experiences, and emotions.


Combined personal and professional development in a group or one-on-one as we identify a pain point and use our signature process to make progress.


The Strugglish Superhero Squad is the community you need in your life. We'll help develop your skillset and give you tips and strategies along the way.

Hear from members of the Strugglish Superhero Squad

(Being a changemaker doesn't have an age limit.)

High School Social Worker

"These practices have the potential to transform our building into safe and supportive places for all students."

7th Grade Student

"Before learning this, I used to bottle things up and stay in my room. I have gotten over many conflicts with the use of the stuff we’re learning in our group. I think it’s important because, for someone who does not know how to communicate in a healthy way, it gives them the steps."


High School Alternative Program Principal

"Helping people, young, & old, learn to truly listen and communicate on a higher level will have a ripple effect that will be felt in the schools and community for years to come. We have a responsibility to our students to implement Restorative Practices."